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Dreams & Wishes

Hey Guys!

So I have received the lovely FairyLoot Create this month! The theme was Dreams and wishes and, man, I can’t wait to read this. All creators of the items included are at the bottom of this post. I have included a link to their sites and shops as well.


I’m going to start with the little bits that are included in the case. We have a Hunted Postcard and a Spindle Fire postcard with a wonderful quote on this.


I love what FairyLoot have recently started doing with with the bookmarks of the months artwork. I would love to thank the person who does the artwork monthly as it is always gorgeous. Another thing that we received in the box was a ‘Follow Your Dreams Magnet’ exclusively from FairyLoot.


We also have 2 gorgeous little prezzies. The first is a Gemstone Notebook form Portico. I am in love with this. From the gold edged pages to the wonderful blue. It really looks better in life as you can’t see the sparkle from the photo. There were 12 different ones sent out and I managed to get the stunning Sapphire.

We also have a House Of Wonderland pin of Dream Jar. Its so unique and cute that you can’t not love this. Again this was exclusively for FairyLoot and also their first pin.


I finally have an exclusive FairyLoot tote bag!! And who better from than Samantha Shannon, The Mime Order. I cannot wait to read all of this series. This was brought to us all by Miss Phi and is called Little Dreamer Tote. This is gorgeous with its bright colours and fonts.

We also have a another new item! A mug! And with another wonder quote from our much anticipated author Sarah J. Maas. This mug was brought to us by Risa Rodil. Thank you so much. Both of these are already in use.


MY FAVOURITE! Meraki Candles! If I could meet the person who makes the candles here it would make my year. This is gorgeous. Mint, Marshmallow and Candy Floss, called Reverie. This is so girly and wonderful and I can’t get enough and really don’t want to light this.


And the book of the month is…

Drum Roll!!

Given To The Sea by Mindy McGinnis. I have been waiting so long for this book. Thank you FairyLoot. I swear you have you little fairy attached to my Want To Read list on Goodreads. Included with this stunning book you have the signed book plate and also a letter from the author. What an incredible box!! Thank you so much to everyone included in the making of this box and also the items in here.


As included at the top I have a list here for everyone that has included one of their items in this box.

Risa Rodil –  (I want soo much of her stuff!!)

Miss Phi –

Portico – Unfortunately I have not been able to find their website however if you guys know this please message me or comment with it and I shall update.

Meraki Candles – (Their WordPress) (The Shop, I am in love with this one)

House Of Wonderland (HOW) –

FairyLoot –

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Mystery & Mischief

Its that time of the month… Fairy Loot Crate.

January Fairy Loot was, as you can see, Mystery and Mischief. I cant love this any more. Two of my favorite things. Other than Tea, crafting, books… Anyway. I thought what could be better about this box. Oh boy was I wrong. Ill start with the little things first.

The Alchemists of Loom Bookmark. Now I hadn’t heard of this book until my box came but reading the blurb, this is now definitely on my to read list. It has that kind of Steampunk feel to it that I love and I cant wait to sink my teeth in.


Now I’m sure everyone loves a Freebie. Its even better when that freebie is a Free Extended Preview of Jackaby by William Ritter. Also coming in the box is a Passenger notebook and an Alice In Wonderland Bookmark.

As well as a Night Circus Pillow Case. There was a gorgeous necklace from Oh Panda Eyes, You can find a link to their Blog in the tags and a link for their etsy at the bottom of here. Now the Necklace featured was made specifically for Fairy Loot.


I want to thank Fairy Loot and Funko for my lovely Hagrid Mystery Mini. who is now sitting on my bookself with my other Funkos. Also included was an exclusive Come Back Yesterday soy candle from Meraki Candles. It smells incredible. Again, link to them is at the bottom.

There was one thing that surprised me and that was the other book in the box. Daniel Smith’s, How To Think Like Sherlock. I love this. Only had a quick flick through right now but it shows you how to broaden and open your mind. How to take in more details. Another great find.

And finely the one you are waiting for!! The book of the month is….


I was going to purchase this on the 31st when it came out because its just what you want. It sounds fun and dark and thrilling. And the tag line is “Remember, It’s only a Game…” wow. Another added bonus is there’s apparently 4 different covers under the dust jacket. not that I need to collect them all…. Maybe. So with the book comes a map like the on inside, this just has a letter form Garber on the back. Also some exclusive art work as well as a bookmark. Finally an Autograph for the book.