Review: Ahe’ey

Hey Guys,

I have a lovely treat for you. So you may have noticed my cool little sign. I have recently joined NetGalley to help me to do my reviews and also give you guys some great books. What could go wrong…. Maybe the fact I have downloaded 6 books already. And not like I have another 50 to read anyway… Woops.

Anyway. As you will see I have been recently reading Ahe’ey by Jamie Le Fay. I have included a short summery.

Morgan, a feminist who travels all over the world, lands in J.F.K for her latest meeting. Little does she know that she has been watched and admired but Gabriel for the last 3 years when he first saw her on the T.V. What she doesn’t know is how much danger she has unintentionally put herself in. Being the feminist that she is and safe guarding girls and women around her in the world she has put a giant bull’s eye on her back. 

Between Gabriel and the CIA can they keep her safe and will she be accepted into Gabriel’s weird and wonderful world.

Wow! I was so blown away by this book as it is so extremely relevant and now. Like literally now. I would ask where she got the ideas from, but I think you would know if you read it. This book is wonderful from the political to the fantasy, and everything in between. If you want something that gives it to you straight then this is the book fro you.

She could not have done any better. Its a long story but when you read it you know why and you understand why it has to be like that. It felt longer to me as I wanted to take my time and immerse myself with the characters. Become part of their world.

You know what is going on, as Jamie makes it obvious but she does this nicely. She tells you that she knows you know. You sympathize with all of the characters because you don’t know what will go wrong next.

Jamie keeps the book real and very down to earth. The fact that dragons and sword fighting has no blow back on the reality side as she blends the two worlds perfectly. Mixing the traditions of the old world of Ahe’ey and its tribes with the technology of our world, the new world.

Also from the ending that has been left, I would be distraught if there was not a second one. It doesn’t need to be a long series of 6 books but I feel that two would be the perfect amount. I am honestly blown away by the views and the personality behind this book. Behind the characters. Such strong belief and love went into this book. If you get a chance please find the time to read this incredible book.

Jamie and Morgan are inspiring. To create this book needed such creativity and understanding of our world and problems. For Morgan to try to solve those problems, yes in a fantasy world, but also through inspiring the people who read about her and understand the intent. I love a book with a good morale and this has one at every turn.

Bravo, Jamie! 5 stars. I am hoping people will read this and feel inspired by your views and belief. Find links to Jamie Le Fay’s website below.



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