Review: Blood Rose Rebellion

Hey Everyone!

I’m sorry I have been away recently. I have been crafting as I was above my Goodreads Challenge by 6 books, which is like 6 books for me; But now I am back on the ball. So many books are coming out recently which I have to read and with the release of A Court Of Wings And Ruin, next week on the 2nd, there is no way I can sit back and not kick up the feet with a book and some tea.

If you view or follow my Instagram,, you will notice that I have been reading a fairly new book. Blood Rose Rebellion. A small synopsis below.

In a world with magic governed by nobility and the purity of blood one girl is Barren, Anna Arden. No magic can be used or controlled by her. Or can it. When she breaks her sisters illusion at a Debut, Anna finds she is not a regular magic user. She has something far more scary. She holds the fate of the magic world in her hands.

I have just finished Blood Rose Rebellion by Rosalyn Eves. Its not what I thought it was. I liked it. Its a very well written book and don’t get me wrong, if there is to be a second I would read it but, unfortunately I didn’t find this a special book. I loved the historical aspect as there aren’t to many Historical Fantasies at the moment and having a book set in England as well as other European countries that we can pronounce. But we also know these places. It makes the book hit home a bit more.

Unfortunately I didn’t find that connection that I normally do with great books. I liked it well enough and I’m hoping that, if there is another book, this one will grow on me a lot more and I will be able to flow into it easier. Please don’t disregard this though. Rosalyn Eves has put her heart and soul into this book and it shows. Its a very easy to follow story that in places will leave you wanting more.

For all of this I am going to give the book a solid 4 stars.4stars


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