Review: Heartless

Hey Guys,

I have my lovely followers on Instagram for my latest read, and thank you so much for it. I gave 2 books, A Court of Thorns and Roses or Heartless. Now the response for Heartless was brilliant and I wanted to know what the fuss was about. Boy, was I in for a treat.

Now for those of you who have no idea what Heartless is about, then look no further. Marissa Meyer is a brilliant Author who twists classic fairytales around. The main series before Heartless was Cinder. This was an adaptation of… you guessed it. Cinderella. I started to read this and unfortunately this was a library book, and thust had to go back.

Heartless is another twist on things. This time we are in the world of ‘Wonderland’. Though Wonderland is the name Alice gave the world, and this story is well before Alice. The real name of the world is Kingdom of Hearts. Along with this kingdom you also have the Kingdom of Chess.

The story follows Lady Catherine Pinkerton. Falling in love with the Court Joker is not something she had planned on her cards. With her maid and best friend, Mary-Ann, they both plan their Bakery, but things go south rather quickly when she finds she is to become the new Queen of Hearts through marrying the King.

I love the ideas behind this book. The life of wonderland before Alice. It makes you see the Queen of Hearts in a new light and you sympathise with her. The thing with this story is it’s not a happy one. There is no happy-ever-after. If you want something different and something that is refreshing. I definitely recommend this.

Marissa Meyer is one to keep your eye on if you like your fairytales with a twist. It feels like a Lewis Carroll as all of the gibberish and nonsense are very well done. For this wonderful book I’m going to give her, her just deserts because she has done a wonder. 5 Stars all round for this. Well deserved.



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