Review: Wintersong


Trying to get a little cultured today as I’m in France for the weekend. Cultured and grouchy. As every normal bookaholic does, they read into the petite hours of the morning. Perfect if you have wake up call of 5 am. Not great for night owls like me. I hate early mornings and it seems no lay in for me this weekend.

To top it off, my FairyLoot crate has been delivered today…. at home….. where I can’t open it. I think I have found my torture.

The book is set maybe early 1400, that’s a really rough guess, and explains how the seasons change and who controls that. The Goblin King. The man that controls the living and the dead. Liesl, our main lady, has grown up with him in her childhood. Her sister and brother know all the stories and how dangerous the goblins are. When the seasons change and summer fades to autumn, this is the time of year the underworld and the overworld are at their closes points. A king can search for his bride.

Kathé, Liesl’s younger and prettier sister, manages to catch the attention of the goblins and the king. Not know that she has played into the trap and tricks of the Goblin King. Liesl would do anything to get her sister back to the world above even if that means sacrificing herself.

Now, I love the passion between the Goblin King and Liesl. That’s wonderful. I love the story and where it comes from. A German folk story come to life. But it did not need to be as long as it was. Not just did it feel long but it took me a week to read it. One thing I really did like was the way it was ended. You know that’s the end and it’s not a happy ever after ending. It was real.

But I’m afraid that’s all I liked. Unfortunately, due to the lack of connection between me and the book or character I can only give the book 3 stars.


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