Review: King’s Cage

Hey Guys,

So I mustered all of the courage I could to read this book now. It was such a brilliant and bad idea. The next isn’t out until February 2018. I’m going to go insane.

Now if you are reading this I’m hoping that you have some idea about the Red Queen series. If you don’t…. where have you been for the last two year! Go down to your nearest book shop and go get it…. Why are you still reading! GO!

I’m kidding… Kinda. Anyway, Mare Barrow is a red blood just like her family and her town and most of their world. Apart from the royals, your lords and ladies of the world. They are silver. Red are the slaves, the workers. Where as Silvers, live their lives in pure luxury.

Their world is ridden with lies, traitor and king killers. Also helps that half of them have the ability to control elements and such. The incredible thing with these people is its only the Silvers who have this gift. That’s what makes they Lords, Ladies, Kings even. Or so they through. When Red people start to show up having powers of their own this causes pandemonium in the world. With a cast out king and another on the Throne who shouldn’t be the Reds and Silvers bring havoc to the lands.

Sooo juicy. I am in love with the series. Now the lady to thank for this masterpiece of a world is Victoria Aveyard. *Applause* You are one talented woman. She has created a world much like our own with the wars that plague the lands and how we turn against our own. It kind of makes it hit home sometimes. Now please do not get me wrong, that is not a bad thing.

She does not go over the top about war and when the scenes happen, there is always the worry that it will either be to much or not enough, but its not. She has the right amount of drama and tension as well as the rush you get from Mare’s and Cal’s adrenaline. She cuts it perfectly. We don’t need to know how the war was stopped we just need to know who won. You get that. You get it all.

Now the end…. My colours. If you are following me on Instagram I may have made a small, teeny tiny comment about a tear or two that I shed at the end. Slight under exaggeration… It is heart wrenching. Mare deserves everything good to go right from the time she gets back. Does she get that though… No. The one person in the world who she trusts more than anything…

As a conclusion, I can only say incredible. Excellent. It is definitely a must have read that will blow your mind away and make you cry. Yes and you know it. I cannot fault this woman at all… both of them. The story is so captivating and inspiring. Never give up. Never think you are to small or not great enough because you are. That is what Victoria Aveyard says through this book. Well done, another 5 stars from me.



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