Review: Aerie

Hey Guys,

June 2015, Magonia was published through Harper Collins. A book about a girl, Aza Ray Boyle, who couldn’t breath and would not make it to her 17th Birthday. Though this girl, as normal, is special. In ways that I have never seen in a plot line. I love a story about pirates and adventure. This book brings it all. She doesn’t die and she is also not from our world. Now unfortunately due to spoilers I can’t say anymore as I would undoubtedly spoil it.

Aerie is the second book and, from what I can tell, the final in the series. Its a carry on and explains what happens with Aza and her Mother. Jason, Aza’s boyfriend, shows a OCD side that only Pi can solve with the book set one year on. After a quiet life, all hell breaks loose and she has to return to her home through force.

Without trying to spoil anything, there is a part in this that really bothers me. I know Aza is trying to take things in and return to her world, but she has to take her not quite Sister, Heyward Boyle, to her world and now the places are switched. Heyward is the one unable to breath. Why would Aza leave her No-So-Sister to be unable to breath while she plays with the wildlife? It makes no sense. This would have changed a lot of events if she had not been playing with the animals.

Other than that the book and the whole series is very good. Very well imagined and well created. I can only really praise Maria Dahvana Headley for the world she had created. The book has wonderful mottoes and lessons in it. As much as I like this book and the world is wonderful, it wasn’t as captivating for me. So I can only think to give it 4 stars.



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