Review: Angelfall Series

Hey Guys,

Any of you who don’t know, I can be more than a little bit obsessive with reading and finishing things. However I hate to finish off a book. Its almost like that world has now ended, and I know I can always go back and read it but its never the same. You know whats going to happen and though you may have missed a couple of things here and there, there are no more surprises.

The difference is that, this is the first series that I have read in 2 weeks and also finished the last book as well. Unlike Inheritance where I still need to finish that… I’ll put that on the to-do list…

Now, I just want to bring you into the plot a bit, don’t worry I don’t do spoilers. The series is about one girl and her family, and a post apocalyptic world, thanks to Angels. They have destroyed the place and have decided to tear Penryn’s world apart when they kidnap her 7 year old sister. One girl and her mother trying to defy all odds to get Paige back and safely,though safety isn’t easily accomplished in the World After. When Penryn and her Mother also get separated she finds herself a very unlikely ally in the form of and Archangel. They push through the world and story defying all odds.

There is nothing better than a girl who can defend herself. I may love a good heroine once in a while… or 3. But even better than that is when you find out that the author, Susan Ee, actually started the series on the internet. I used to read a lot of stuff on things like Fiction Press, a site where people could publish stories anonymously and start their Beta writing. When you think that that is how she started this and became a Best Selling author, then hats off to her. Really impressive.

Something that I need to realise is… There is no way to fault this series. There’s no missing sections that you thing ‘God, where am I in this?’ or ‘Have we just moved to a different place?’ or the famous one ‘Have I just missed something’ and forcing yourself to read back and still find you have no idea whats just happened. This is so well written is incredible. The characters are brilliant and you can see everything in your mind as if you were there. It’s our world, so familiar places, but no where near the way we know them. That makes it all the more real to visualise.

The characters have such a good chemistry that you don’t want any of them to die or be hurt. Now it didn’t bring me to tears, which is incredible because sometimes I think that’s really easy but its more that she shows you everything you need to without having the lost of a character. Don’t get me wrong it’s sad when someone dies but you can understand it all. And in the end, even sympathize with certain people.

If I were you I would grab the series and read them. Get to know the characters and the world that Ee wants to show you. She has done a marvelous job. That being said I am more than happy to give Susan Ee the 5 star review that she deserves.




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