Review: Selection Series.

Hey Guys!

So today I finished the last book in The Selected series. Another one off my list which is perfect. The thing with this series is that you don’t want to think to much when reading this. Though the story is lovely and well thought the actual… action in the first 3 is sketchy. The last 2 don’t have action per say. The action in these ones are more subtle. There’s action of the heart which is nice.

The thing I love about this series is that the Happily Ever After books never tell you what happens after the happily ever after, but this book does. The last 2 in the series cover the Daughter, soon to be Queen, and her brothers, of America and Maxon Schreave. This shows her reign and her own Selection that originally she did not want. The end is also one of the heart and for anyone reading lightly will see that this will touch your heart. If you want something more serious, I would recommend staying away a little longer.

Though I have gone on about the loveliness of the series, I feel its not the most well written. Its very simple. Though that’s is not a bad thing, it not my thing. I loved the characters and the connection they had to each other I just didn’t like the endings and the simplicity of it. For this I am giving the series 3 stars.3-stars


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