Review: The Glittering Court

Hey Guys,

So my best friend and I decided as we had the same book, it would be a great time to Buddy Read. The Glittering Court was out first idea as we were both in the mood for some adventure yet something historical and Ladylike.  This book has all of those aspects. Courtship and Decadent balls as well as the outback and adventure.

So its basically about 1 of 3 best friends, a friendship created in the Glittering Court school. The main character is a Countess, Lady Elizabeth Witmore, from Rothford, Osfrid who runs away to escape an arranged marriage. She leaves to take up a position one of her housemaids was supposed to use. The book follows her through a finishing school for maids and “the common people”where she is posing as Adelaide Bailey, her housemaid, and also struggling with having to cover up her perfect manners and finish.

Now don’t get me wrong I liked this book and there are some parts that I did not expect, but for me… It was way to predictable. I found that when my friend read slightly ahead of me and accidentally slipped about an accident in the book I knew it was going to happen ages ago. The book held almost no surprises for me.

Though there was no surprise through from chapter 1 to…. 27 the last few held everything. At one point I thought I was being to harsh on the book but then thought back to the fact that if I had been reading this on my own, I would have probably have put the book down for a really long time.

So onto the pros, other than the last few chapters I liked the Characters. They were built very well. The only other thing was the idea but even that in the long run grew tiring. The lady that goes to a maid and back to a lady and constantly to and fro. She stands up for what she believes in and what she feels is right which is the best part. I just don’t know how I feel about the whole thing. The fact that its given me so much confusion is why I am giving this book…. 3 stars. However I will be reading the next one which is Midnight Jewel, released in June. Hopefully this one will be easier for me to digest.




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