Review: Glass Sword

Hey guys,

        So I have left this review a couple of days to see how I feel after finishing the book. I can honestly say that its not good… I still love the book so much. I have to give Victoria Aveyard such an applause for this. I feel I should have left it another 8 days before finishing what I had left of the book, so it was closer to the new release.

        I was impress because I managed to finish it in roughly 2 days. I originally started the book when it was first release last year, but as you do, I put it down only a couple of chapters in due to other engagements. And then, the book slump hit me. Since then I had not been able to pick it up.

       Right, now on to the book itself. I don’t know how she does it, but there is something, excuse the pun, magical about this book. You loose yourself in it. You see and smell everything around you. You feel like you are there. It’s incredible. Mare Barrow is in my mind is good. But the people around her that drive you to finish and find out whats going on. Please don’t think that I’m just going to go on about how great it is because I’m not.

       There are somethings I would change a bit more, but I guess Mare is supposed to be a bit annoying towards the end. Mare forces everyone to turn their backs on her. We all know shes doing it to protect them, but I can’t help but feel like shes whining a fair bit. By the end of the book, and don’t worry no spoilers, Mare is forced to make a decision that costs a lot of lives and I think that’s why Aveyard had made Mare seem like a grumpy teen, so that it hits you more with her sacrifices and her love.

      The bit I do love the most is, as I said, you loose yourself in here. Not just the book, but the world. There’s so much shown to you, that paints the pictures of the areas. Now I know the book doesn’t come with a map like some others but after reading this and then sitting down and thinking about it, I feel I don’t need one. I know where Tuck is and the Choke, I know how and in which direction they travel. I have so much love for this book that I don’t know what I am going to do when it finishes. But one thing I am sure of is that I’m definitely reading the next series by Aveyard.

       The Epilogue. Now this is hard to do without spoilers. So much happens but also so little. All I can really say is, Do Not Skip It! You will need to know and you will need that new book now.

Here’s the thing. I now have to give the book a star rating, but I really don’t want to. I feel I should be harsh but I can find any flaws in the long run to lower the rating. So here’s me 5 star rated book.



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