The Book Nerd Corner


I’m Charlotte. I have so many hobbies and interests that I thought this may be a good idea. As well as using here for my ramblings and latest finds, you may also see a shopping list or two on here every month. Look out for the Monthly Release List. I will be doing this a month in advance so if there is anything you like, you have a change to grab it.

Something you will also see, not that I am a complete book nerd… as if I could fool you, is the monthly Fairy Loot Crate. Ooh. Ahh. Yep, I subscribe to be a major Book Nerd. I’ll be doing my monthly unboxing of these and of course I will be sharing all of these cool thing with you. Via pictures. I’m sorry, I love you guys but I can’t share this.

If you want to give me any book ideas or information or just want to be friends and chill on Goodreads, add me.

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